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Use reference headphones or loudspeakers in order to reproduce all audio details.

Improvisation with Objects and Electronics


5 October 2023

The two improvised performances (expression and response) express instrument-human interactions imbued with sonic, sensual, and gestural, listening and performing.

*This is a single-screen version of an installation, with the same title, created for “Atmospheres: Multisensorial Artistic and Academic Research in Dialogue”, organized by Orient-Institute (Istanbul), Concordia University (Montréal), and ITU-MIAM (Istanbul).


Performance and video: Fulya Uçanok

Improvisation with Piano and Objects @ Istanbul Bilgi University Music Studio


17 February 2023

Improvisation with Piano and Objects

Video by: Ege Davrak

SONIFIED: A Symposium of Sonic Arts Practices. Presentations . Talks . Concerts

Organised by Istanbul Technical University, Advanced Studies in Music @ ARTER


29 December 2022


Composition Title: Invisible Congruences

Piano, Live Electroacoustics, Fixed Media

Video by: Oytun Yönyüksel

Conference: Rethinking the History of Technology-based Music @ Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM) University of Huddersfield.

9-11 June 2022


Online paper presentation:
Fulya Ucanok "Electroacoustic Composition Process as a Process of Com-position"



Electroacoustic Stage, SALT: 28. IKSV Istanbul Jazz Festival (excerpts)

2 September 2021

Live Electroacoustics
The performance consists of compositions and improvisations.


Live Visuals by: Ahmed Bektaş

Network Music Festival: Embodiment and Disembodiment

16 July 2020

"The Curtain & Beyond"

Live Electroacoustics, Improvisation

Serkan Sevilgen & Fulya Uçanok Ensemble, Lockdown 2#

1 July 2020

Lockdown 2#

Eda Er: Synth, Drum Machine

Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu: Violoncello

Asli Kobaner: Guitar

Merve Salgar: Prepared Piano (inside the piano)

Fulya Ucanok: Prepared Piano (on the keys, and metal plate on strings)


Experimental, Comprovisation, Instrumental, Electroacoustics

Video by: Merve Salgar

Steve Reich "Four Organs" (1970) Performed by


May 2020

Maracas: Amy Salsgiver

Organ 1: Kerem Öktem

Organ 2: Fulya Uçanok

Organ 3: Seçil Kuran

Organ 4: Amy Salsgiver Ensemble, Lockdown 1#


19 May 2020


Lockdown 1#

Aslı Kobaner: Acoustic Guitar

Eda Er: Synth, Voice

Fulya Uçanok: Amplified Objects

Merve Salgar: Tanbur

Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu : Violoncello

Experimental, Comprovisation, Instrumental, Electroacoustics

Video by: Anıl Eraslan Ensemble: SALT Beyoğlu

11 December 2019

Live Performance (excerpts)

Aslı Kobaner: Electric guitar, soundtoys, vocals, composition
Eda Er: Electronics, soundtoys, vocals, composition
Fulya Uçanok: Electronics, soundtoys, vocals, composition
Jeremy Woodruff: Composition

Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu: Violoncello, vocals, composition

Experimental, Comprovisation, Instrumental, Electroacoustics

Video by: Ecem Güleç & Özge Kepenek

Pera Museum Talk & Performance Series: Electronic Crossovers (excerpts)


27 September 2019

Live Electroacoustics

Performance consists of compositions and improvisations.

A.I.D. Events: Le Salon de L’A.I.D.


8 June 2018


Free Improvisation

Deniz Güngören: Voice

Fulya Uçanok: Piano, Live Electronics

Bilgi New Music Festival: Electroacoustic Encounters


30 March 2017

Free Improvisation

Enis Gümüş: Live Electroacoustics

Fulya Uçanok: Live Electroacoustics

Visual Sound/Cymatics Video later adapted by: Emre Okçuer

Multidom/Multiversal Experimental Music Festival Series: MultiEECE II @ Athens/Greece


18 December 2016

Free Improvisation

Jedrzej Lagodzinski: Tenor sax

Fulya Uçanok: Live Electroacoustics
Vincent Laju: Violoncello

Istanbul European Capital of Culture 2010: DANCE Platform

18 September 2010

Parantez // Parenthesis

Choreography, dance & speaking voice: Esra Yurttut

Music composed, performed & produced by: Puik's Journey (Emre Nişancı & Fulya Uçanok)

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