Use headphones or loudspeakers in order to reproduce all audio details.

Swarming (2020): This piece is an acousmatic version of my mixed media piece "Childlike only in the depth of innocence". The piece investigates various dialogs between binarisms. It presents various undulations exploring spectrums between presence/absence, human/machine, acoustic/electronic, instrumental/recorded everyday sound as well as fragmentation/completion.


Performers: Voice: Gökçe Göknel, Percussion: Amy Salsgiver, Cello: Gökhan Bağcı

Circumstantial Multitudes (2019): This piece was written for ensemble; for exploring and deepening our collective listening and playing. We listen and play through various “circumstances” based on various forms of textural and gestural thinking. Each “circumstance” is interpreted differently by each one of us, creating entangled multiplicities. Adapting and adopting to each other’s interpretations, we create various forms of leakages and ruptures where individualities are both emerging as well as enmeshing with one another, forming “circumstantial multitudes”.

Performed by: ensemble

Assembly (2017): Individual “sound organisms” inhabit a space with  short gestural utterances and silences, always alert to oneself and the other. They slowly accumulate and unite by growing boisterously into Noise music. In the piece, the individual characteristics of the two opposite worlds and their relationships are investigated.

Temporary Residing (2017, rev. 2021): The piece moves through various “moments”. The movements are sometimes enacted through sudden ruptures and at others, subtle leakages and transitions. The listener goes through various "residences" staying temporarily at each one, exploring multiple spaces, behaviors of sound and listening situations. It is messy, it is plural, it is always situated.

Crackle Away (2016): This piece is composed by three micro samples, a crackle sound, a sine tone sample, and a cardboard box hit. The whole piece is constructed by processing these three samples in different ways. It was inspired by a very loud cicada outside my window, as I found my mind traveling into imagining each crackle sound that the tummy of the cicada, its everyday life and its possible sentients.

Free Improvisation (2018): This is a Live concert recording from the A.I.D. Event @ St. Benoit/Istanbul

Deniz Güngören: Voice
Fulya Uçanok: Electronics & Piano

Balloons For Thought (2018): In this piece I play with balloons; I investigate various tactile and movement-based relations between object-body and human-body, and explore various possibilities for sound, movement and narrative. I explore these narratives through some gestural and textural thinking as well as some program and abstract elements.

Towards (2018): This piece is an inquiry into relations of various sound types and gestural motions, exploring leakages, and ruptures; always in a move “towards”.

Çiruk (2016): A little voyage into the IDM genre.