\\ Electroacoustic Musician, Pianist //




13-15 January 2023

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2023 @ Victoria Theatre (San Francisco, USA)

Her acousmatic work Swarming will be presented at the concert.



6 November 2022

Hoca Nasreddin & Büşra Tuna // Somehow my body keeps moving @ KOMA Sahnesi (Istanbul, TR)

Free improvisation.

Movement: Büşra Tuna

Hoca Nasreddin musicians: Nikolai Galen: voice, Şevket Akıncı: electric guitar & electronics,
Serkan Şener: kaval, Amy Salsgiver: percussion, Fulya Uçanok: electronics.

5 November 2022

BBC Radio 3 // New Music Show @ Radio Broadcast (England, UK)

Her acousmatic work S-wallow-ING presented in BBC Radio 3, New Music Show.


19 October 2022

Free Improvisation @ KargART (Istanbul, TR)

Musicians & instrumentation: Susanna Hood: voice & movement, Şevket Akıncı: electric guitar & electronics, Saadet Türköz: voice, Serkan Şener: kaval, Fulya Uçanok: electronics.


22-25 September 2022

Convergence 2022 Festival/Conference // Making It Up @ De Montfort University Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2), Leicester (England, UK)
September 25th: Presenting an "Artist Talk" based on her work "S-wallow-ING".

September 25th: Her acousmatic work "S-wallow-ING" presented in the concert titled: "PERFORMANCE 13".



18 September 2022

17th Istanbul Biennial // Soundwalk: "Soundwalking Among Routes" @ Istanbul (Turkey)

Soundwalk organized by Soundinit (Serkan Sevilgen & Fulya Uçanok) & Hassas Sesler Sözlüğü (Evrim Kavcar & Elif Öner). 1) Introduction and brief information, 2) Soundwalk, 3) Evaluation.


23-30 August 2022
ISCM World Music Days @ Auckland (New Zealand)
30 August: Acousmatic Work "Swarming" will be presented in electroacoustic concert "Skyward".


10 August 2022
A Year of Deep Listening // "Together-Apart" @ The Center for Deep Listening Rensselaer, NY (USA)

Her score "Together-Apart" is published in August 10, under the project "A Year of Deep Listening" which is a 365-day celebration of the legacy of Pauline Oliveros, and what would have been her 90th birthday. Aside from celebrating Oliveros' birthday, the project aims to explore what listening can make possible in the context of our current moment.


31 July-24 August 2022
Field Kitchen Academy Artist Residency // Voice as Object, Object (H)AS Voice @ Berlin (Germany)
Participant at the educational artist residency: interdisciplinary collaborations. Joining-in with electronics and objects.

18 July 2022
Defense of her Ph.D. Studies @  Sonic Arts Department, İTÜ MİAM, Istanbul (Turkey)
Her dissertation titled
"Towards a Response-able Com-position Practice: Entangling with Humans,
More-than-humans and Materials
", is realized through an artistic research practice where she explores a composition model that springs from social, embodied, and entangled sound practices.
Read dissertation here:

25-28-30 June 2022

13th Bilgi New Music Festival // Electroacoustic Encounters @ ARTER, Istanbul (Turkey)
- Solo live electroacoustic set.

9-11June 2022 

Rethinking the History of Technology-based Music Online Conference @ Centre for Research in New Music (CeReNeM), University of Huddersfield (England, UK)
Presenting paper "Electroacoustic Composition Practice as a Practice of Com-position"


8 May 2022 

New Music for Loudspeakers // Acousmatic Concert @ Christchurch (New Zealand)
Acousmatic piece “Swarming” presented in the festival.


21-23 March 2022

UNDÆ! Radio & Podcast // Live Broadcast @ Madrid (Spain)

Dedicated to Electroacoustic Music, UNDÆ! Radio (March 21) and UNDÆ! Podcast (March 23) broadcasts a selected group of electroacoustic works.

Acousmatic work "Temporary Residing" selected to be presented in radio, broadcast and album.
*The works are released in September 2022 digitally by Thrmnphone Records.
Album Download: http://thrmnphone.thrmnphone.com/catalogo/thrmn016b-undae-album-ii/

The information booklet: https://padlet.com/fulyaucanok/506rmgp182bth0xh/wish/2320582378

19-26 February 2022
5th Tehran International Electronic Music Festival (TIEMF) @ Tehran (Iran)
February 24th: Acousmatic piece “Balloons for Thought” presented in the festival.



2-5 December 2021
Sonic Matter Festival 2021 @ Zürich (Switzerland)
Acousmatic piece "Temporary Residing" presented in Listening Lounge at Kunstraum Walcheturm.



13-27 November 2021
*Topia/Topya Sound Art Festival // BotecoTopia/BarTopia @ Online (Brasil, Germany, UK & Turkey)
Discussant to talk about festival works in relation to topics of the festival.
27 December: Topic: "The role of womxn artists and audiences and the visibility of sound art festivals
(Brazil, Europe, Latinamerica)"
Participants: Sonora: músicas e feminismos (BR), Fulya Uçanok (TR), Marcela Lucatelli (BR/DK).
Mediators: Laura Mello (BR/DE) and Vanessa De Michelis (BR/UK).
The whole program: https://www.dystopie-festival.net/2021_B/

10-13 November 2021
EMS21 Conference // Future Directions of Electroacoustic Music Studies @ Leicester (England, UK)

Presenting paper online: "Towards a Response-able Electroacoustic Composition Practice in Search of Sympoietic Multivalence: Entangling With More-Than-Humans".


Paper: https://zenodo.org/record/5774916#.YcRk6yxRU1I
Video Presentations:

13 September 2021

Istanbul Soundwalk // Soundinit @ Route below ↡ (Istanbul, Turkey)
Organized by Soundinit (Serkan Sevilgen & Fulya Uçanok). Route: Starting from Eminönü - Kadıköy ferry station Haliç shoreline (some parts could be in a Tram) → Eyüp

2 September 2021

Electroacoustic Stage, SALT // 28. IKSV Istanbul Jazz Festival @ Maçka Habitat Park (Istanbul, Turkey)
Solo Live Electroacoustic Set: Performance consists of her compositions, comprovisations and improvisations.


21 August 2021

Istanbul Soundwalk // Soundinit @ Route below ↡ (Istanbul, Turkey)
Organized by Soundinit (Serkan Sevilgen & Fulya Uçanok). Route: Starting from Karaköy ferry station, the route will be Karaköy ferry station → Haliç Subway Bridge → IMÇ Bazaar → Vefa Bozacısı → Kalenderhane Camii (The Church of Theotokos Kyriotissa) → Kadınlar Pazarı → Fener → Karaköy ferry station.


17 Jul 2021
The Listening Bienniale @ Across the globe
Klank.ist listens to the sound designs provided by the "Listening Biennial" team, in Istanbul, on a Beşiktaş-Sarıyer ferry line. These events are scheduled to be listened to simultaneously in various parts of the world during the biennial.

18 July 2021

World Listening Day // Istanbul Soundwalk // Soundinit @ Route below ↡ (Istanbul, Turkey)
Organized by Soundinit (Serkan Sevilgen & Fulya Uçanok). Route: Karaköy ferry station → Galata Bridge → Sarayburnu → Gülhane Park → Sultan Ahmet Square → Sirkeci → Galata Bridge → Galata Tower.


24-30 May 2021

International Online Dance Festival @ Independent Online Festival

27 May: Klank.ist impro open improvisation session

This session is curated by: Ekin Tunçeli

The ensemble has created four fixed media pieces in duos:

Aslı Kobaner, Merve Salgar // Eda Er, Ali Onur Olgun // Fulya Uçanok, Serkan Sevilgen // Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu, Jeremy Woodruff



7-8 May 2021

IPCC 2021, Interdisciplinary PhD Communication Conference // Collaboration @ Online Conference (Istanbul Bilgi University)

-Presenting the understanding of collaboration in my artistic research "Towards a Response-able Com-position Practice: In Search of Multivalence"

-Panel: "Collaboration Through the Lens of Three Perspectives in Musicking Practices" Dilara Turan, Fulya Uçanok & HEYA هي (Jilliene Sellner, Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu, Yara Mekawei and Nour Sokhon)


15 February 2021

David Tudor's Rainforest V (variation 3) // Workshop @ İTÜ MIAM (Istanbul, Turkey)

Joined workshop as participant led by composers John Driscoll and Phil Edelstein of Composers Inside Electronics, Inc. The workshop offered a journey into the interactive sound environment of “Rainforest V (variation 3)”


4-5 February 2021

MIAM Colloquium 2021 // Current Research in Music @ Online Seminar (İstanbul Technical University, MIAM)

Presenting a partial segment of her current research under the title

"A Response-able and Intra-active Poietic Practice in search of Multivalent Musical Spaces"


15-18 July 2020

Network Music Festival // Sound Without Borders 2020 @ Live digital Stream from Birmingham (England, UK)
Live Performance from Istanbul with Serkan Sevilgen: "The Curtain and Beyond"


10 July 2020

Heroines of Sound Festival 2020 @ Live digital stream from Radialsystem, Berlin (Germany)

Acousmatic work "Assembly" presented at "sound bar"


8-10 May 2020 (Postponed to an unknown date)
In Between // Electroacoustic Music Festival @ Thessaloniki (Greece)
Acousmatic Work "Only in the Depth of Innocence" presented

2020 (Postponed to an unknown date)
Sound Spaces // New Music Festival 2020 @ Malmö (Sweden)
Work "Swarming" shortlisted for acousmatic music
*not a finalist, not presented in the festival


10 February 2020

In the Memory of Ertuğrul Oğuz Fırat @ İTÜ MIAM, İlhan Usmanbaş Hall, Istanbul (Turkey)
Klank.ist musicians performs a response work, to Ertuğrul Oğuz Fırat's work "Rüzgar ve Gül" (1996-97). Keeping the overall formal structure intact, the composer/performers take fragments and motives from the work and reconstruct a new "open form work" that is gleaned through the dialogues and affective traces in engaging with the original work.

Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Piano)

16 January 2020

A.I.D. Takes Over #4 @ KargArt, Istanbul (Turkey)
Klank.ist perfoming an open work composed collectively by Klank.ist musicians.

Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics)


14 January 2020

Elektroaskustik Paslaşmalar: Electroacoustic Duo: Senem Pirler & Fulya Uçanok @ Arkaoda, Istanbul (Turkey)
A meditation on the ordinary: Dialogues with everyday objects, recorded sounds & synthesizers.

11 January 2020

San Francisco Tape Music Festival @ Victoria Theater, San Francisco (USA)
Acousmatic Work “Assembly” presented at the festival.



29 December 2019
Beykoz Kundura Silent Movie Days @ Beykoz Kundura, Istanbul (Turkey)
Live music for the silent movie: “Frau im Mond" (1929) by Fritz Lang 
Trio: Amy Salsgiver (Percussion), Kerem Öktem (Percussion & Electronics), Fulya Uçanok (Piano & Electronics)


29 November 2019
Klank.ist "V Diologs" @ SALT Beyoğlu, Istanbul (Turkey)
Compositions by Eda Er, Aslı Kobaner, Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu, Fulya Uçanok, Jeremy Woodruff as well as free improvisations.
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics & Objects), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello & Objects), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics & Objects)


31 October 2019
Dystopie/Distopya Festival, Electroacoustic Concert: Mixed work performed @ Bahçeşehir University Beşiktaş Kampus, Istanbul (Turkey)
"Childlike Only in the Depth of Innocence”: for violoncello (Gökhan Bağcılar), percussion (Amy Salsgiver) & tape (fixed media)

30 October 2019
Dystopie/Distopya Festival, Opening Performances: Klank.ist @ İTÜ MIAM Gallery, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free improvisation
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics & Objects), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics & Objects), Jeremy Woodruff (Alto Saxophone & various flutes)

20 October 2019
Take the A.I.D. Train: Live electroacoustic Duo performance inspired by Onkyo @ BOVA, Istanbul (Turkey)
Serkan Sevilgen & Fulya Uçanok_ Improvisation with Various Objects, Object operators & Pre-recorded sound.


10 October 2019
Ai-Maako Electroacoustic Music Festival @ Valparaíso (Chile)
Acousmatic Work “Assembly” Presented.


27 September 2019
Elektronik Köprüler // Electronic Crossovers: Fulya Uçanok @ Pera Museum, Istanbul (Turkey)
Solo Live Electroacoustic Concert: Performance includes fixed media works, comprovisations and improvisations




13 July 2019
Audience Bodies – Public Movement 2 @ Errant Sound, Berlin (Germany)
Performed Compositions by Eda Er, Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu, Aslı Kobaner, Fulya Uçanok & Jeremy Woodruff. As well as, free improvisations with dancers.
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics & Objects), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics & Objects), Jeremy Woodruff (Alto Saxophone & various flutes)


8 June 2019
Soundinit // Istanbul Soundwalk 1 @ Route below ↡ (Istanbul, Turkey)
Organized by Soundinit (Serkan Sevilgen & Fulya Uçanok). Route: Şişhane → İstiklal Street → Tarihi Galatasaray Hamamı → Karaköy


5 May 2019
Maçka Elektrikli Müzik Günleri IV (Maçka Music with Electricity Days III @ İTÜ TDMK/Maçka, Istanbul (Turkey)
--Free Improvisation: Klank.ist
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics & Objects), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics & Objects), Jeremy Woodruff (Alto Saxophone & various flutes)
--Free Improvisation Trio: Yaren Eren Budak (Violoncello) & Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics)

19 May 2019
Klank.ist Event "PAUSE" @ Yücel Kültür Vakfı, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free Improvisation with dancers 
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics & Objects), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics & Objects), Jeremy Woodruff (Alto Saxophone & various flutes)

28 April 2019
Klank.ist Event "BOND" @ Circuit Istanbul, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free Improvisation with dancers 
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics)

23 April 2019
SAVT & Eda Er & Anıl Eraslan & Fulya Uçanok @ Dunia Kadıköy, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free Improvisation
Merve Salgar (Tanbur), Elif Canfeza Gündüz (Classical Kemence), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Anıl Eraslan (Violoncello), Eda Er (Electronics),  Fulya Uçanok (Electronics).

13 April 2019
The Multivalent Voice In Transcultural Music-Making @ İTÜ Maçka Sosyal Tesisleri, Istanbul (Turkey)
Chair and Discussant in Conference
Discussion: “Rethinking Musical Hybridity” (Discussants: Fulya Uçanok and Robert Reigle)
Conference Program: https://db0641ad-f0f9-45d5-a660-9078382d677c.filesusr.com

12 April 2019
BILGI Music Seminars @ Istanbul BILGI University, Istanbul (Turkey)
Gave Seminar on “Gender Wayang Tradition in Balinese Gamelan”


1 April 2019
Electronic Music from Turkey - The New Generation @  University of Canterbury, (Christchurch, NZ)
Fixed electroacoustic work "Assembly" presented

23 March 2019
İTÜ/MIAM Piano Festival II @ Mustafa Kemal Concert Hall, İTÜ MIAM, Istanbul (Turkey)
Solo Piano: Helmut Lachenmann / "Five Variations: Based on a theme by Franz Shubert", Fulya Uçanok
Duo: Lansing Mcloskey / "This will not be loud and relentless": Amy Salsgiver (Snare Drum), Fulya Uçanok (Piano)
Four Hands: Samuel Barber / "Souvenirs: IV. Two-Step": Ozan Ömer Küçük & Fulya Uçanok

19 February 2019
Klank.ist Collaborating with SAVT @ Dunia Kadıköy, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free Improvisation with Live Animated Graphics
Klank.ist: Eda Er (Electronics), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics)
SAVT Musicians: Merve Salgar (Tanbur), Elif Canfeza Gündüz (Classical Kemence), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello)
Visual Artist: Irem Nalça

17 February 2019
Klank.ist Event "MISSING" @ Circuit Istanbul, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free Improvisation with dancers 
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (toy instruments, glockenspiel), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Jeremy Woodruff (Alto Sax., various flutes), Fulya Uçanok (toy instruments, bells, Korg Duo Monotron, Korg Volca Keys)

19 January 2019
Klank.ist Event "FRESH" @ Circuit Istanbul, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free Improvisation with dancers 
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics)




11 December 2018
Klank.ist Event "HOPE" @ Circuit Istanbul, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free Improvisation with dancers 
Klank.ist Musicians: Eda Er (Electronics), Jeremy Woodruff (Alto Sax., various flutes), Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar & Objects), Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics)

29 October 2018
Gave lecture about “Gender Wayang Instruments in Balinese Gamelan” in World of Percussion Class @ İTÜ MIAM, Istanbul (Turkey)

17-21 September 2018
Åke Pamerud Workshop and Concert @ Lisboa Incommum, Lizbon, (Portugal)
Participated in workshop and fixed work "Balloons for Thought" was presented at concert.

8 June 2018
Le Salon de L’A.I.D.@ St Benoit French High School, Istanbul (Turkey)
Free improvisation, Deniz Güngören (Voice), Fulya Uçanok (Piano & Electronics)

Sound: https://soundcloud.com/fulya-ucanok/
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnPbwAQ4o98&ab_channel=FulyaU%C3%A7anok

9 March 2018
Maçka Elektrikli Müzik Günleri III (Macka Music with Electricity Days III @ Courtyard of İTÜ MIAM, Istanbul (Turkey)
Live performance, improvisation on fixed media (comprovisation)
(performance on 17'55'')

8 March 2018
MIAM Electrocoustic Music Album Prizewinners Concert @ İTÜ Turkish Music Department, Istanbul (Turkey)
Acousmatic work “Assembly” presented

8 March 2018
Yıldız Technical University Composer meetings @ Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul (Turkey)
Gave seminar on “Gender Wayang Tradition in Balinese Gamelan”




30 March 2017
9th Bilgi New Music Festival // Electroacoustic Encounters @ Karga, Istanbul (Turkey)
-Solo live performance, improvisation on fixed media (comprovisation)
-Free Improvisation with Enis Gümüş

28 November 2017 

Yıldız Technical University Composition Department 20th Anniversary @ Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul (Turkey)

Performed in: “A Pulse as The Machine Stops” Work by Enis Gümüş
Performers: Aslı Kobaner (Electric Guitar), Enis Gümüş (Electric Guitar), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics)



16-18 December 2016
Multidom/Multiversal Experimental Music Festival Series: MultiEECE II  @ Athens (Greece)

December 16: Free Imporvisation with Trio 1: Anna Papoutsi (flute), Fulya Uçanok (keyboard & electronics), Zoe Efstathiou (piano) @ Ket.
December 17: Free improvisation with: Karakulak Ensemble @ Ket
December 18: Free Improvisation with Trio 2: Fulya Uçanok (keyboard & electronics), Jedrzej Lagodzinski (tenor sax), Vincent Laju (Violoncello)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1dcy7_AVBc&ab_channel=FulyaU%C3%A7anok

12 May 2016
Participated @ MIAM ElectroAcoustic Collective “SurroundScapes” @ Babylon, Istanbul (Turkey)

29 April 2016
OneBeat Istanbul @ Istanbul Bilgi University Energy Museum, Istanbul (Turkey)

Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Violoncello), Tarık Arslan (percussion), Gideon Crevoshay (voice), Fulya Uçanok (Electronics and keyboard),


28 March 2016
Performed with Karakulak Ensemble (free improvisation) @ ITU MIAM, Istanbul (Turkey)


9 March 2016
Participated @ 8th Bilgi New Music Festival // Electroacoustic Encounters @ Coop, Istanbul (Turkey)

20 January 2016
Participated @ MIAM Electronic Dance Music Collective @ Cue, Istanbul (Turkey)